Honest to Blog

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, I got that from Juno.  Interestingly the screenplay was written by someone who got their start blogging, but I digress.

I don’t actually know that much about blogging, and to be honest (this is a blog after all) I’m woefully unnetworked, especially considering the fact that I am a twenty-something.  I hate Facebook and don’t even get me started on Twitter.  Even if I didn’t hate the creepy Big Brother intrusiveness of those sites, I still probably wouldn’t post a link to my blog there.

Am I weird that I don’t want anyone I actually know to see my blog, at least, not yet?  I want to be honest . . .really Honest with capital H.  I’ve had such a defecit of honesty in my life.   Who can be totally honest, completely themselves, when everyone they care about is watching?

It’s ok if no one reads this.  It’s actually kind of romantic that way.  Like being a teenage girl with a diary and a whole lot of secrets no other human could possibly understand all over again.

I do spend time reconnecting with my inner 14 year old.  She needs a lot of attention.

Honestly, blog, I don’t have any real friends.  It’s a long story.  I’m sure I’ll get into it all one of these days.

So what is it that I’m afraid of?



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