I started this site because I am writing for my life.  I’m trying to get my Sharazade on.  I’m hoping to save my life as I tell it.

I was physically and emotionally abused as a child.  This is not a website about thriving and forgiveness.

I was bullied horribly as a teenager before bullying became the hot topic du jour.  It does get better, but not easier.

I’m queer.  Not a lesbian.  I’m the other kind of queer.  The B word.  Bisexual.  Currently in a loving fulfilling relationship with a post-op transman.  Trans as in transsexual.  Just clearing that up.  Someone once thought ‘trans’ meant he worked for the railroad.

I was a military brat.  I’ve lived in a lot of places and never called any of them home.

I grew up working class and am now low-income.  Thank you Great Recession.  I am not a capitalist.

I am an atheist.  I am also a misanthrope, but one who volunteers and works with children.

My mental health is tenuous at best.  I have been hospitalized in a psychiatric ward four times and I’m not out of my twenties yet.  I still don’t know what crazy is.

I’m looking for people who know what life is like in the margins.  I need to hear from you.  I’ve been holding the hand of loneliness.  Now I’m trying to reach toward something else.

I hope you are out there.



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